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Choosing Cat Furniture Your Kitty Approves with a Smile

Cats can get demanding about comfort and privacy when you get home new furniture for them. This is largely your pal’s way of disapproving what you believe to be a great piece of furniture for her. So, how do you select pet gear that looks great in your interiors and your cat loves too?

Fact is, there are many things to consider while choosing furniture for your feline friends. Here we discuss the most important ones which add to the décor and makes your feline happy.

Cats like to perch atop vantage position where they feel safe. Choosing a cat shelf or a cat tree with easy access pathways to the top makes sense. It’s important to look for furniture that has a non-skid surface, preferably covered with fabric or textured material. Cat’s like such surfaces since they can leave their scent on them, thereby marking their territory and feeling secure.

Alongside, get home pet furniture with an abrasive surface on the sides. According to homecrux.com, meows love to scratch for relaxation and keep their claws sharp to thrive on their basic instinct. Cat scratchers and cat trees with an abrasive surface on their sidewalls will definitely make a kitty happy and keep her engrossed.

When you set out to search for a furniture unit for your cat, there are endless eye-pleasing designs that will entice you. Be cautious and consider the sturdiness and safety features in the eye candy.

Cats are known to be naughty, throwing around their weight, jumping and scratching come naturally to them. As a parent, you must respect the playful nature and equip your home accordingly. Before being drawn by the looks, double-check for stability and durability of the furniture. This will give your kitty her much-needed freedom and you’ll have one thing less to worry about. Cats love to dominate their environment. It is fairly wise to invest in furniture that has multiple entry/exit points and can serve many needs. A comprehensive unit, spread around the house, will provide your cat a sense of connection with the interiors and let her believe it be one of her own.

Cats enjoy hiding and playing all day, they love their privacy and unlike pooches don’t really fancy patting and hugging. Instead, they love loitering around the house, seeking pleasure in honing their hunting and slacking skills (if you know what that means). Introducing the kitty to tunnels, slides, ladders, etc., placed strategically alongside windows from where they can have a good look at the birds outside, is worthwhile.

While selecting furniture, it’s also important to keep the comfort it offers in mind. No matter how good it looks on the outside, if it isn’t comfortable, your cat is not going to be a happy chap. To ensure it is comfortable enough for prolonged sitting and spending time in, it should have padding or bedding wherever possible.

Cats like their naps, they tend to sleep for almost 12-16 hours a day, presenting your kitty with comfortable furniture to relax in is the best thing you can do for her.

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