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Cinema Advertising Cardboard Material Movie Star Standees

A cut out cardboard standee is a great method to draw in potential clients in current retail locations and point of sale areas. The display standee is put in the state of an animation, a product, or a celebrity. Plus, a shape cut standee will without a doubt grab more eyeballs than promotions and publications that are consistently rectangular. Outdoor displays are generally in the form of posters or banners stuck on a wall.

Obejective - grab more eyeballs than promotions and publications -Promotion of the film -standing right amidst the supermarket aisle is a certain strategy to create client intrigue

The Standee lifesize:




Small to lifesize and super-size cardboard standee cutouts to educate and entertain your customers

Art-work Create





- Discover teenagers posing for selfies with the movie standee.

- Better and do well at the box office


Where Else You Can Use Cardboard Cutouts Standee?


01. Photo Contests Photograph opportunities are a great way to advertise your collection of photographs. If you need to utilize your life-sized custom cutout for photography contests, go for a cardboard cutout standee. Make your life-size standee into a photograph corner with a face cutout. With a face cutout life sized stand, your companions and visitors can turn into a superhuman, a firefighter, a pilot, or even animal, or, even an alien!


02. Graduation Parties A graduate cardboard cutout can be the life of the graduation party. A standee of the guest of honor, welcoming individuals as they arrive is a certain method for beginning your occasion off right. Show standees of your alumni from the critical minutes in his or her life – the time they made the baseball group, took part in the school play or won the science competition. This is a certain method for getting the discussion going as loved ones remember about those extraordinary events. In any case, why stop there? Filling the room with standees of the gathering’s visitors is a fun method for memorializing the enormous occasion. Friends will have an extraordinary time with these cardboard cutouts, placing themselves in conversational groups and taking scores of ‘selfies’.

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