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Ever since I bought the scratch board, the sofa has been survived

Cat claws are “weapons” used by cats to hunt. They grow very fast and naturally form sharp tips.If the point of the paw is too prominent, it will not only make walking uncomfortable, but also hurt the meat pad, so cats will find a comfortable place to sharpen their claws

In the wild, the cat chooses the rough surface such as tree, rock to grind claw, in the home it is sofa, furniture, floor, wall to wait normally.If you don’t prepare your cat’s claws, you’ll have to experience the destructive power of their claws…

There are many kinds of scratching boards in the market, and new shapes and materials emerge endlessly. However, generally speaking, they can be divided into the following categories:
一、Corrugated cardboard cat scratcher

Corrugated cat scratch board almost every cat has one, most cats like, modeling variety, the price is cheap.The disadvantage is not resistant to scratch, scratch down the confetti is not easy to clean.This cat scratch board paper adhesive cut, the surface is full of holes, cat claws can dig deep into the hole, suddenly pull, that is a word: cool
1.corrugated cardboard Scratcher board is the cheapest, 1-2 months for a can.If you sprinkle a little catnip on it, you’ll meet…The cat will love this feeling ~ although the appearance of the plate type corrugated paper is not very good-looking, but the price is affordable and abundant, pay attention to the pragmatism of dear friends, the plate type cat scratch board is a good choice

2.cat scratch lounge can be scratching when lying down, buy this kind of cat scratch board, the cat every day, save a sofa money, also can harvest full cat hair on scratch board, convenient cleaning.

Post time: Jun-20-2019
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