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Everyone say paper racks are cheap and easy to use. Is that true?What are the features, YJ Display to tell you

In the first of all!Very affirmative answer everybody’s question, the paper exhibition rack is very cheap indeed!Why am I so sure? let YJ Display Co Ltd – a cardboard display manufacturer to answer your question.

Paper display rack is very common in the European and American countries and supermarkets display use, in recent years more and more domestic shopping malls choose to use, paper display frame relative to the advantages of traditional iron and wood frame is No further elaboration.As for some customers’ issue about the price of paper exhibition rack, I can explain them here:

Paper shelves are cheap?Undeniably, the paper shelf compared to the iron shelf is more economical, but that is built on the premise of a large order volume, if the number is very small, such as only do dozens of cardboard display stand, at this time compared to the iron shelf and wooden shelf, the price advantage of the paper shelf will not appear.



That’s right!According to our normal thinking I buy a mobile phone cost $4000 , I buy 10 pieces still $4000 each, but if you buy the cardboard display stand, that need to pay attention to, because the paper shelf is mass customization, the bigger the quantity the cheaper, may be an exhibition stand you do 100 sets, each set up to USD $300, if do 500 sets, the price may be as long as USD $100!You read that right, the price difference is three times?Why is that?Is the factory too black – hearted?Manufacturers feel…wronged!

I specially interviewed our workshop director for this matter, and he said that the main factors affecting the price of paper display rack are as follows:

1、The cost of printing paper (printing is need print adjust for each set of print plates, which have basically a fixed number of 250 sheets print paper, as that, we need 100 +250 sheets for printing 100 sets of positive Numbers, and 500 +250 sheets for printing 500 positive Numbers), so 250 sheets of paper is a fixed number, The quantity of printing is between 100 and 500, the loss for machine adjust is the same.

2、The boot fee of the printing press – let’s divided into two options compare – 1000x700mm and 1200×1580,There are two tiered fees, The cost is fixed within the printing quantity of 1000, which means that we print 1 sheet and the startup cost of 1000 sheet are exactly the same.

3、Manual processing, Die-cut, mounting, gluing and other start-up costs are basically fixed. The costs of making 100 sets and 500 sets are exactly the same.This results in large quantities being much cheaper than small quantities.

Do you understand the explanation now?Large quantities are cheaper, small quantities are more expensive.But compared with the traditional iron and wood display frame, our paper display frame is very economical and practical.After all, not all display racks are as inexpensive as our paper display racks and act as silent promoters in stores.


YJ Display tell you some more unique of cardboard display.

Economical and practical, green environmental protection: the paper display rack can be matched with different paper materials according to the requirements of customers and carriers, and its cost is much lower than that of wood, iron, plastic and other materials. It is in line with the requirements of international environmental protection organizations and is a green environmental protection product.

Beautiful appearance, eye-catching: paper display rack appearance can be color printing, is an excellent advertising carrier.Its novel pattern, gorgeous color and unique conception are in line with consumers’ aesthetic views and attract customers’ attention.

Advertising publicity, attract consumption: paper display rack has the reputation of “silent salesman” and “the most loyal salesman”, with the help of visual art, directly convey information to consumers, create a strong sales atmosphere, make them have a strong desire to buy.Its publicity can build corporate brand in the terminal, improve corporate image, and create high sales.

Light and flexible, stable structure: paper display rack generally USES printing paper and high hard corrugated board, light weight, folding, and durable.Also can choose different paper materials matching according to customer and carrier requirements.

Quick assembly and convenient transportation: the paper display rack can be assembled freely and disassembled quickly, which can be flattened and stacked. The supplier can also directly transport the goods from the place of origin to the final point of sale for disassembling and selling, saving the cost of transportation and logistics, and can be used repeatedly.

So you better know the value of things, not the price.

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Post time: Aug-13-2019
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