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Four types of cardboard display stand

Retail stores, convenience stores have mature, widely used cardboard display stand, are customized in accordance with the relevant products.So, board shows wear to have diversity extremely, pass the collocation of different material, add the color that has originality sex to match, can customize function flexibly, not only solve product to show demand, also raised brand popularity.

Although the appearance of cardboard display rack is not the same, but mainly divided into the following categories : counter display unit, floor paper display stand, tray display stand, hook display stand;Let’s one by one to explain the main application scenarios and advantages of all kinds of cardboard display racks.

Counter Display Unit

Just as its name implies, counter type booth basically is desktop, counter type exhibit frame.In terms of performance, the counter booth does not need to have a high load-bearing performance, because it mainly displays some small, individual products;For example, the display shelves of chewing gum in convenience stores and some beauty products in beauty products store also determine that the volume of the counter display unit is relatively small, mainly for the convenience of customers

 Floor Display Stand

Floor display stand volume is bigger, on match colors and modelling can cooperate a product to make corresponding custom-made, let show the modelling of frame itself, be like the product that an equal proportion enlargings;Most manufacturers will use this kind of exhibition for product update and main promotion, so as to catch customers’ eyes and promote products better.The carrying capacity of the goods that floor cardboard display stand also can change according to different requirement

Pallet Display Stand 

cardboard pallet display stand  basically be the cabinet type of multilayer or much case and box type modelling, because this kind shows wear, cover an area of an area can be opposite for a few bigger, promote the performance that commodity bears thereby.During the holidays, the most easy to see tray display rack, such as all kinds of bulk candy, cookies centralized promotion, there is a bookstore of all kinds of hot-selling books, magazines and newspapers.

Hook Display Stand 

Hook display stand basically apply at product itself and package the commodity that flatten change and congeneric product,.Hook display stand advantage that has agile custom-made size


Cardboard Display Stand classification actually very much, what those who introduce above is the life is the most common 4 kinds.Different material pledges, appearance and bearing capacity are the choose and buy that cardboard display stand factor.


Post time: Sep-26-2019
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