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Functional & conveniently Cardboard Display Rack

Functional & conveniently Cardboard Display Rack

With the wide use of paper display stands, Counter Display Stand, and Cardboard Banner, more and more cardboard display manufacturers realize it’s good business for them.

With more than 10 years experience is this filed, YJ Display have cooperation with many partner, in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Oversea.

Generally, people believe that cardboard display stand is can only used as a tool for short-term promotion, with low practicality and easy damage because made by corrugated cardboard.

Not really. One of our customers ordered several multilayer display racks and PDQ counter display boxes, which were use in the shop for two or three years. The shape of these boxes was the same as when we first got them.

Because our paper display shelf is completely designed according to the product placement and product weight of the merchant. After our careful load-bearing test of the sample, the damage of the display shelf will not happen to the cardboard display stand




Compared with other materials such as acrylic display and metal display, paper display has the unique advantage of easy assembled, which can save space and facilitate logistics transportation.

Therefore, paper display stands are not only used as short-term promotional tools.


Post time: May-09-2019
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