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How does a cat use a cat scratcher?

Anyone who has ever raised a cat at home has had this experience. Cats like to scratching the sofa, cabinets, tables, chairs and even the legs of the bed

This problem is now easily solved because of the cat scratcher.So how do you get your cat used to the scratcher?

1.Put the cat scratcher in the place where the cat sleeps. The cat scratches the sofa when the cat wakes up.Placing the cat scratching in where the cat sleeping area will help to break the cat’s habit of grabbing things when he wakes up, and will help protect the couch.Keep extra cat scratchers at home so your cat can easily find them.

2.About how to use the cat scrather, we need to exercised the cat before use them. This will ensure that the cat is not injured when scraching the cat scratcher lounge.

3.Cats may not used to play with cat scratcher for the first time. Owners should train their cats, give them rewards and encourage them to use the cat scratcher. When choosing the cat scratcher, you should pay attention to the cat scratcher with a larger flute cardboard cat scratcher, which is more suitable for cat at first time.

Post time: May-22-2019
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