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How to extend the service life of cardboard display stand

As a popular carrier in Europe and America, paper exhibition stands are also flooding into the domestic market.Paper exhibition frame is welcomed by the nature and its green environmental protection recyclable and economic and practical characteristics are inseparable.

However, the cardboard display stand is low cost, but this is only in the perspective of mass production.Therefore, frequent replacement of paper display frame is not realistic, the best way is to maintain the paper display frame, extend the life of paper display frame, so as to reduce the cost to achieve the greatest economic benefits.


So how to extend your Stand service life?

1. The cardboard display stand should be moisture-proof

2.The cardboard display stand should not be overweight use

The cardboard display stand customization determines that each shelf bearing performance is different, it design and produce according to your product weight, volume.Therefore, the paper exhibition frame has its maximum bearing capacity, which has been determined in the design.So in the process of use can not overweight use, placing too many products will cause potential damage to the paper shelf, in order to avoid causing deformation, rupture and other conditions, paper shelf in the process of use do not overload.

3.Should be carefully when move the Display Stand

In many cases, due to the site problem of the store, the paper display rack needs to be moved, so many people will directly lift the display rack where the goods are placed.In fact, when the paper display frame has been put in the sale of goods, should not be moved to move.If need to move, need to remove the goods after, and then parallel transport exhibition frame.Therefore, move the paper display frame must handle gently, avoid impact.


The above is the key to extend the cardboard display unit service life, hope to protect your paper display shelf to bring some help, which is also very critical to improve the cost performance of the paper display shelf.

Post time: Oct-12-2019
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