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How to choose a Cat Scratcher board for your Cat

We all have a cat scratch for cat.The scratch board can be used by cats to sharpen their claws and provides a way for them to have fun.So how do you choose the right scratch board for your cat?

1. First of all, buy a good quality scratch board, honestly speaking, get what one pays for.At the same time, avoid the selection of color printed surface of the cat scratch board, so as not to harm the chemical.

2.Choose a scratch board for your cat, and choose the right one, a larger corrugated aperture scratcher board will be preferred by your cat, and ventilation is better.


3.Choose different materials and colors between the furniture and cat scratcher in your home so that your cat can distinguish between what can and can’t be scratched.

4.If the scratch board is squeezed or misshapen after a short period of use, the quality is not acceptable.Don’t buy next time.

5.The size of the scratch pad should be custom by size of the cat.When placed vertically, the cat should be at the height of its hind legs.Flat on the ground should ensure the cat is fully on top.

6.The scratch board is consumable and should be replaced in time according to the usage and damage of the scratch board.

Post time: Oct-12-2019
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