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How to choose the scratch board your cat likes

Cat scratching is a boon for cat owners, as they know where to sharpen their claws at home and can later damage furniture if they feel comfortable with it

So how do you choose a scratch board that your cat likes?


To choose the right scratching board for your cat, it is important to know enough about your cat’s life habits, because different cats have different scratching habits.Some cats like to scratch when face down, and some cats like to stand up when scratch,.Therefore, according to the cat’s habits, you can choose horizontal, vertical and other different cat scratching board。

And choose a slightly larger scratching board for your cat.Generally speaking, after waking up, the cat has the habit of grinding its claws. Most of these cats like to scratch the board when face down, so they can choose the horizontal scratching board for the cat.And put on the cat nest next to, after the cat woke up, or lying idle stretch, you can at any time to grind claws.


While some cats have territorial awareness, they like to extend the claw long, to higher places to grind claws, they are not only in the grinding claw, but also in the expansion of their territory, they will claw traces and their own smell to the highest place, so as to like other cat demonstrations.For cats with this habit, owners should choose a vertical scratching board that is high enough

Post time: Jun-11-2019
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