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How to make a cat like to use a cat scratcher

Anyone who owns a cat has come across a situation where the cat likes to grind furniture, but doesn’t use a cat scratcher.In fact, you can train their cats to sharpen their claws with a cat scratcher. Here are some tips.

1.Put obstacles next to the furniture, or spray it with a smell cat doesn’t like, to make it hate the furniture.And move the cat scratcher board to the furniture it likes to scratch


2.Make your cat feel bad when scratching furniture, such as loud noises or water spraying, but don’t let him find out that it has something to do with you, or he may become afraid of you.

3.If your cat is interested in catnip, sprinkle some catnip on the scratchpad, to entice him to rest or scratching on the scratch board


4.Put a furry toy on the cat scratcher board and hang it with a string, because the shaking of the toy will attract the cat to play, and the cat will gradually fall in love with the scratchpad

5.Keep a cardboard cat scratcher lounge in its usual place, such as a place to sleep, eat, play, and eat cat snacks.

Post time: Jun-04-2019
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