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How to use the cat scratcher correctly

Anyone who loves a cat knows that cats love to scratch.Once we have identified this thing, we will keep scratching. In order to prevent our beloved furniture and small objects from being scratched by the cat, let’s prepare a cat claw board for the cat to protect our furniture, but there are some ways to use the cat claw board. Do you know?

1.Cats are known to be tsundere princesses, so when we choose a cat scratcher, we must choose what the cat likes, otherwise the cat will catch something else.

2.We need to prepare two cat scratchers, one for the place the cat grows and one for the side of the litter

3.Depending on your cat’s preference, place it on the floor or attach it to the wall


4.Be sure to change them regularly. Cats sometimes get tired of using them.

5.The cat scratch can help off the old nails, let the new grow out, can not choose cat scratcherwhich can hurt the cat claw.

6.The cat pad should be moved frequently to a new place.This way the cat is also full of freshness



7.Cat scratches  not be formal, but can be a little creative, which can be more attractive to the cat, will also be very durable

8.Cat scratches must be placed away from the furniture, close to the furniture, you do not know whether the cat will be a whim to grasp the furniture, the loss outweighs the gain

9.Don’t buy a scratchpad that is too strong. Cats don’t like these things,and don’t worry about replacing it. Cats like their own marks.


Post time: May-30-2019
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