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Maintenance of the Cardboard Display Stand

Talking about display rack, people think of the first time is the cardboard display stand,  today for everyone to introduce the paper display rack maintenance method.

The first, moistureproof, when the cardboard display stand after the damp will become soft deformation, this is the most fatal injury.Therefore,the cardboard display unit can not be placed in the fresh area, can not be close to the air conditioning place.Be affected with damp, should be wiped in time with dishcloth, lest  infiltration paper goes in.


2- cardboard display stand do not overload in using a process.The cardboard display stand has its maximum load, in its design has been doomed, so in the use of the process do not force load, to avoid deformation, fracture and other situations

cardboard display stand in the use of the process is strictly prohibited to put super wide goods, this will cause a certain degree of damage to the paper display shelf, the size of the product is already set when it design


the cardboard display stand in the store has been placed on the goods, should not be moved to move, if you need to move the goods to take down or put the level of things, Handle with care to avoid collision.

Clean regularly.Only the appearance of clean and tidy paper display rack to attract more consumers.

Post time: Jun-20-2019
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