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Paper display rack raw material manufacturing process

Paper is divided into printing paper and other paper, printing paper production is divided into pulp and paper two basic processes, pulping is the use of mechanical methods, chemical methods or a combination of the two methods to plant fiber raw materials dissociation into natural pulp or bleached pulp.Paper is suspended in water pulp fiber, after a variety of processing combined into a variety of paper requirements.

The paper mill generally needs to store enough raw materials for 4-6 months, so that the raw materials can be naturally fermented in the storage to facilitate pulping. The paper mill should ensure continuous production.The preparation process of the reed, wheat straw and wood raw materials such as cutting in piece (for the production of chemical pulp) or wood is broken (for production groundwood), then add in the small piece of material into the digester chemical liquid, steam cooking, cook the raw materials into pulp, or to terminate the wood to grind wood on the ground to a pulp, can be via a certain degree of cooking and then ground to a pulp.Then use a lot of water to wash the pulp, and through screening and purification of the pulp coarse pieces, node, stone and sand removal.According to the requirements of the paper, bleach the pulp to the required whiteness, and then use beating equipment for beating.Then in the pulp to improve the performance of the paper filler, glue, sizing agent and other accessories, and again for purification and screening,Finally, the paper machine is sent through the mesh filter water, press dehydration, drying cylinder drying, calendering coiling, and cut or cut to produce web paper and flat paper.If the production to produce coated printing paper, you need to dry the middle or production into web after coated processing.

The flow is as follows:

1: cut trees to make material 2: cut into appropriate length 3: peel bark 4: cut into pieces 5: cut into thin slices

6: centralized treatment of the flakes, shipped to the paper mill 7: pulp made with liquid medicine and steam 8: rinsed with liquid medicine

9: remove impurities 10: bleach pulp 11: add liquid solution to pulp 12: drain with mesh

13: put it on the felt to absorb water 14: dry the water at high temperature 15: do the calendering treatment with the calendering machine

16: make paper rolls




How to assembly the cardboard display stand

After making it on raw material, can pass processing to do paper to show frame.How to assemble the cardboard display stand

In the eyes of the public, paper is very thin, easy to break, but after the production and processing, he made paper shelf, can meet your unexpected bearing requirements.Please email :ricky@popjn.com for the further detail

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