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Ten criteria for proper use of the cat scratch board

Cat owners know that cats like to grab in one place, not only to leave the glandular scent on their PAWS, but also to let other cats know it’s their territory.In addition, the cat does not scratch its claws to sharpen them, but to remove the worn outer shell of the claws, so that the already grown and sharp claws on the inside can be seen.Here are some training tips.


一、Even though cats now live in human homes, they still choose at least one place to Scratching because of their nature.Once a cat starts scratching at a piece of furniture, it will often scratch at the same place.If you want your cat to use the scratch board, you can choose the increasingly popular scratch board made of corrugated cardboard, but it is better to put it on the ground to make it easier for your cat to scratch. Especially for your cat, start preparing it from a young age and put it in the sleeping or resting area.Or you can fix it on the wall. However, the cat scratching board standing on the ground is easy to fall in the process of scratching, which is not as good as fixing it on the wall.

二、For places that have been caught, wrap thick plastic around them. Cats don’t like the smell, and place the scratch board you want them to scratch in front of them. Remember the following rules:

1. Keep it close to sleeping and resting areas.

2. It’s better to have more than just a scratch board, because need one next to where cat sleep.

3, easy to fall down the grasp board is useless, would rather fix it on the wall.

4. The size of the scratching board should be about 15 to 20 centimeters wide and 30 to 40 centimeters long.

5, cat scratch board either flat on the ground, or vertically fixed on the wall.

6. The vertical scratching board should be about 30cm above the ground. Please adjust the size as the cat grows.

7, cat scratch board material to cork for the best, such as pine, cedar, mahogany best, the best outside the twine.

8. When your cat starts using it regularly, move the scratching board to where you want it to go until it is fixed.

9. The heavy plastic covering of the scratched furniture should not be removed until the cat has fully scratched on the scratch board you have prepared.

Cat scratch board material, must be the cat like.The heavy plastic covering of the scratched furniture should not be removed until the cat has fully scratched on the scratch board you have prepared.Cat scratch board material, must be the cat like.

Finally, don’t buy a scratch board that doesn’t scratch at all. Cats don’t like this kind of thing, and don’t hurry to replace any messy scratch boards, because cats love this mark!

Post time: Aug-02-2019
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