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The advantage of cardboard display stand

1. When doing terminal display in the supermarket, compared with similar display equipment, it is found that the cardboard  display rack is small in size, the lightest, removable and folded, which can pack a complete set of paper rack in the same box to ensure convenient installation in the store.On the freight, it has the incomparable advantage, with carton paper display founder packing standard compartment, 3 d shipment, half draw with packaging, maximum use of space, not cause waste of space, save the logistics cost, strengthening protective film, reduces the commodity crash into each other and damage caused by the irregular, to ensure the integrity of the individual products, beautiful.


2.With the rapid change of product fashion, the tools used to carry them are also updated. The flexibility and individuality of the cardboard display rack can be customized according to the product, and the ever-changing bearing capacity is flexible and cleverly matched.

3.The paper display rack meets the requirements of international environmental protection organizations and is a green environmental protection product Recycling, international trends, import and export exemption, simplified procedures.


4.Marketing is a kind of language art, so the media through which information is spread and visual information is directly conveyed to consumers is POP advertising tool.On the surface of the paper display rack, the copy and advertising words can be designed in line with the product personality. The printing on the paper display rack appears exquisite, highlighting the charm of the product and the purpose of attracting customers’ “eyeballs”, which is also the advertising benefit of POP.The publicity of paper display stand can build enterprise brand in terminal, improve enterprise image, and create more sales.

5.Compared with similar metal, wooden and plexiglass display shelves, paper display shelves have the same function and display effect, and can be used organically with other materials.The price is far lower than the similar material products.

Post time: Jun-11-2019
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