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The best way to promote – cardboard display stand

Large corporate brands will give matching paper shelves to distributors.Because after a few years of transition, shelves display perfect to help enterprises expand the market and unify the company’s image.

What’s the exactly purpose of a paper stand?

We know that consumers are willing to choose companies with high visibility and strength.To attract consumers, products need visual effects, neat arrangement and rich printing. People depend on clothes while products depend on packaging.Paper display shelves can not only display products, so that products can be eye-catching in front of the public.The brand effect of the picture can stimulate customers to buy.Let the product stand out among the similar products, showing rich product information.


Why is paper shelves?

1. Can be customized according to the needs of the company and promotion, and can be used together with other materials to meet the customized requirements.

2. Rich printing content, combined with other mass publicity, can better attract the attention of consumers, lead customers to stop, stimulate their desire to buy.Enhance product image and highlight company LOGO.

3. Instead of salespersons, (when customers are faced with many choices, a single shelf display makes products stand out, constantly providing product information to consumers, attracting their attention and promoting their purchasing decisions)

4. Low cost.(not only the cost of single unit is low, but also the transportation cost is saved)

5. Customize their own paper shelves to create an atmosphere of activities.


Paper shelves have advantages and disadvantages.

The main material of the paper shelf is corrugated paper, suitable for indoor use, can not be put in the outdoor rain and sun exposure.

Post time: Aug-02-2019
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