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The reason that cardboard display stand widely use

In today’s fast-paced life, paper display stands have replaced wooden or iron display stands and become the first choice of stores.Let the product display more orderly, let the brand display effect more popular

So the question is, when I first came into contact with the paper display rack, people who no idea about the paper display rack. Many people are very concerned about the weight bearing capacity of the paper shelf. Will it break down?Is it easy to assemble?So, let’s answer these questions

1.As for the load-bearing problem, when designing the paper shelves, designers will use high-density cardboard refined design according to the needs, which is not only ultra-high load-bearing, but also unlimited creativity.




2.Using paper material of paper shelves compared with wooden or metal material, the printing of paper shelves is rich in content, intuitive visual effect, and low cost and flexible structure, and can customize according to the annual, quarterly, category and brand, whether it is a countertop, floor cardboard display stand, or a pallet display stand, hook display shelves, movable paper display stand, are customized according to the related products

3.The convenience of logistics and transportation, and environmental recycling, so that the paper shelf favored by many retailer, flexible customization features, that is to solve the needs of product display, but also to improve the brand awareness.

Post time: May-30-2019
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