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Tips For New Cat Owners

The first time raise a cat, all worry to raise bad, now sorted out a few to raise a cat’s attention matters, can refer to

Daily must-do: feed the cat food once a day in the morning and at night, change the cold water or pure water at least once a day, clear cat litter every day.

The key to good health:
1.Can’t drink tap water, can’t put too much cat food at one time, pay attention to the cat food every day.Pay attention to the formation of stool when clear cat litter.

2.If your cat’s ear canal is dirty, clean it with cotton swab and warm water, otherwise it will become inflamed.Check it once a week.

3.No contact with other cats without vaccination.Those who have just finished the vaccine should also avoid contact with other cats.

4.Please give the newborn cat the food of the kitten. The kittens before 6 months old should not eat the poor food, which will affect the physical development.


Routing maintenance:

1.Vaccinate the cat every year for the first year

2.Regularly give your cat some  fish (no bones), chicken breast and canned cat

3.Regularly 3 months in vitro and in vivo insect repellent.

4.small cat constitution is poor, like warm.Give it as warm a place as possible, don’t blow the wind and sleep on the cat scratcher or on the iron frame for a long time, so as not to catch a cold.


Post time: Nov-12-2019
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Tips For New Cat Owners
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