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Why Choose Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Owning a cat is very considerate to choose a comfortable nest for your cat.However, the variety of cat dens on the market can make it difficult for owners to choose.Cardboard Cat Scratcher is more recommended for most cat owners.


In addition to the cardboard cat house, there are also other cat house made of different materials such as plush cat house, rattan and wooden litter, but these cat house also have some obvious disadvantages.Plush cat nest is to velvet and cloth as the main material, although very soft and comfortable, but for a long time past plush cat nest will accumulate a lot of mites, bacteria, will also remain a variety of flavor;Late cleaning, smell, disinfection and so on will be very tedious.Rattan cat nest is similar to wooden cat nest. Comparatively, rattan cat nest has better toughness and is not easy to damage.However, there are many gaps in the rattan litter, small gaps can easily catch the cat’s nails, large gaps can easily catch the whole cat’s claws.At the same time, these two kinds of cat nest in wet weather easy to damp mildew.

Cardboard cat house, its price is competitve, you can buy a lot of different cardboard cat scratcher to adapt to the preferences of the cat;Therefore, apply for a period of time, also do not need to spend time and energy to clean. On the other hand, cardboard cat scratcher with corrugated board as the main material, warmth is good, also will not cause accidental damage to the cat.

Corrugated cat-scratch board can be designed and made into a variety of appearance of the cat nest, color is very rich.It can not only satisfy the basic function of sleep and rest but also restrain the growth of cat claws and protect furniture.

Post time: Sep-26-2019
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