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Why do retail stores prefer paper shelves?

Paper display shelf, paper shelf, pallet display stand, cardboard display shelf is a kind of marketing  developed with POP advertising.

It has environmental protection, recyclable, competitive price, convenient transportation, easy assembly and other advantages, placed in any store or business places, with the role of soliciting customers, promotion of goods.

Paper display stand mainly have the following functions:


when introducing new products to the market, cooperate with other mass media to use Free standing display stand,, pallet paper display stands, hook cardboard display and Advertising standee in terminal stores for promotional activities, which can attract consumers’ attention and stimulate their purchase desire.

According to statistics, two-thirds of the people who actually buy something decide to buy it temporarily.

Therefore, retail sales and customer traffic is in direct proportion.

The use of a variety of colorful, innovative design of the paper display rack can attract the attention of customers and into the store for understanding.

With the sample trial, on-site demonstration, free tasting and other forms of in-store advertising activities, but also can greatly mobilize the interest of customers, induce the desire to buy

Candy cardboard floor stand ,

Promotion cardboard stand

Inspiring customers to buy is the core function of paper shelf, paper stand card and paper display box.

For this, must capture the customer’s concern and interest point. In fact, the previous induced work is the basis to promote the final purchase of customers, the purchase decision of customers is through a process, as long as the process to do enough to promote the work, the results will naturally arise.

nourishment cardboard display stand,Cardboard box, Cardboard Dump Bin,

corrugated cardboard display stand known as “silent salesmen” and “most loyal salesmen”.

The most common setting is the supermarket, which USES a self-selecting buying model.When consumers are faced with a lot of goods and do not know where to start, the outstanding paper shelf placed in the side around the goods constantly provides goods information to consumers, plays a role in promoting their purchase determination.

Headset Cardboard Display Rack, Paper floor stand,

The flowery colour that using paper goods shelf, beautiful design, outstanding modelling, accurate and vivid advertisement language, can create intense sale atmosphere, attract the line of sight of consumer, make its produce buys impulse.

Christmas Advertising standee



Like other advertisements, paper display stands can set up and improve the corporate image in the sales environment, so as to maintain a good relationship with consumers.

cardboard display stand is an important content in enterprise visual identification.Retail enterprises can make the shop signs, standard words, standard colors, corporate image patterns, propaganda slogans, slogans into various forms of paper display rack, paper shelves, paper display rack, in order to create a distinctive corporate image.



Paper shelf – paper display shelf is an important means to cooperate with the holiday promotion.In all sorts of tradition and contemporary festival, build the atmosphere that gives a kind of joy, had the effect that adds fuel to the fire for holiday sale busy season.

Food cardboard display rack, cardboard PDQ, paper display rack, cardboard point of sale stand  are mainly used for the promotion of products, the promotion of new products, improve the company’s image and market value, and then bring greater profits and benefits for the enterprise.

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