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Why does cat-scratch board better use the corrugated cardboard ?

Compared to other materials.Corrugated has unique advantages: Corrugated is safer for cat claws.Dense pores, relatively soft texture.This will make it easy for the cat to explore where the claws are, without getting stuck in the material.In particular, some tight rope or the texture of the inappropriate wood products, it is easy to get the cat claws stuck in the material accident injury.

Corrugated paper, which allows the cat to hear sounds as well as feel when scratching, makes the cat feel good


The flute of corrugated paper make perfect containers for other things, such as catnip powder, silvervine debris, dried fish, and even canned food.

Corrugated use life cycle is easier to control, and relatively easy to ensure health


Corrugated materials are easier to shape, which can be a new toy for cats. For example, The bowl-shaped cat-scratch Produce by YJ Display is multi-functional, which reflects the nature of the cat. It USES corrugated paper, which is durable and can prevent the cat from scratching its claws. The design is novel and can be used for grinding claws and sleeping.


Post time: Oct-26-2019
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