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As a full solutions provider, functionality and design are not mutually exclusive, and YJ Display proudly combines the two in every order created. Your custom artwork design will be high class, elegant, and done to your specifications, and the structural integrity of the the display and box itself will be made of the highest materials.

Why Choose YJ Display For Your POS Solutions

1- Creative Design

•- The full creative package with cost-consciousness at the fore!

•- Highly trained and experienced POS Industry Designers.

•- 3D Studio Max for visualization of all design ideas.

• - Artworking to client requirements as needed.

• - The goal is to produce excellence in retail every time!


2- From Concept to Completion

•We understand how to take Creative Design ideas through to the end product.

•Our Engineers work with 3D Solidworks to draw up the required CAD and DXF files.

•Our industry experienced CAD development engineers work closely and seamlessly with our manufacturing team.

•Proximity of engineering and manufacturing staff in the same facility at our UK plant makes for quick, reliable decision making on all projects!

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3- Manufacturing

Our facilities include Cardboard, Metal, Acrylic and Print Fabrication.

•Printing  •Surface Processing  •Laminating  •Die Cutting  •Quality inspection

-all process from material, corrugated cardboard, die-cutting, printing etc. until delivery also have inspection.

1) Flat-Packing: flat folded flat one or more set into a box,To save transportation space compression effect, the transportation cost.

2) Solid packing: No need to assemble, the three-dimensional finished goods shipped, save the installation time, immediately put in use.

3) Semi solid packing: semi solid packaging will display assembling molding and immediately put into use.

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4- Delivery and Warehouse

We Ship Worldwide!

YJ Display located close by the Shenzhen port, it’s very convenient for us to ex-port the POS displays all. We provide ocean shipment, air shipment and express delivery, just according to your requirement.

We have a long-term partnerships to delivery to goods to all over the world that we can proof our goods is safely and speedy arrive customer request space

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At YJ Display suudame protsessi meie kogenud töötajad. Kõik tsiteerida ja projekti planeerimine haldab meie projekti juhtkond.
See koosneb kliendi ja YJ Display arutame soovitud tulemusi kliendile. Põhjalikult selgitada oma vajadused ja ootused projekti ja YJ Display teeb kõik selle võimsus täita seda allapoole, et iga viimane kui detail.
Nüüd, kui olete valinud "mustand", YJ Display töötab koos teie otsustada elemente, mis sa soovid muuta.
1 Flat-Pakend: korter voltida ühe või mitme komplekti karpi, salvestamiseks transport ruumi compression mõju, transpordi kulud.
2, Solid pakkimine: ei ole vaja koguda, kolmemõõtmelise valmistoodang tarnitakse, salvestada paigaldamise ajal, kohe kasutusse.
3, pooltahke pakkimine: poolvedel pakendi kuvab kokkupanek vormimise ja kohe kasutusele võetud.
Suudame kohaletoimetamise kõik oma pakendi ja eksponaatide Hiinast teie määratud aadress (või kõikjal maailmas) ja / või otse poest.
Arutada teie nõuetele, võtke meiega nüüd.
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YJ Näita Co Ltd

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4 Yangchong Road,Baoan District,
Shenzhen, 518127 PR.China.
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